Upcoming Events

Weird wrestling returns to the Battle Palace on Friday, June 26th, as 3-2-1 BATTLE! goes head-to-head in a series of matches with Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling!

Christina Von Eerie returns to the Battle Palace to represent ECCW in this series of inter-promotional matches against 3-2-1’s resident psychopath, Tommy Lawless.

The NEW Solid Steel Champion, Pitfall Jones, will have his first title defense against ECCW’s Erik Strange!

ReLoaded will make their Seattle tag team debut as they challenge 3-2-1 Tag Team Champions, Legion of Gloom, in a title bout!

Additional scheduled combatants from ECCW include The Devil Drexl, Riea Von Slasher, & Bishy Wishy.

Also scheduled to appear: Hall Sisters, Eddie Van Glam, Jacub Soumis, Daniel Makabe, and more!

Buy reserved seating ahead of time by clicking here! When those sell out, GA/SRO tickets will be available at the door!